About International Exchanges and Cooperation Office(IECO)

2018-05-14 10:43:24

International Exchanges and Cooperation Office(IECO) of Guizhou University of Finance and Economics is to perform the relevant national guidelines and policies concerning foreign affairs, in charge of international cooperation and communication functions and service for all agencies of GUFE.The main work includes: Deal with the GUFE foreign affairs activities, organization plan and develop the GUFE ’s international cooperation projects, serve for the teaching, scientific research and international academic exchange contact information and services;Responsible for the GUFE ’s international trip planning and visiting reception arrangement;Intercollegiate exchange program as a whole management, including planning, formulation, the exchange project implementation of the agreement and operation situation of management and service tracking;Foreign teachers and experts hired, approval, foreign teacher and student ‘s management and service , etc.;Responsible for the university organization international conference of examination and approval, review and approval of cooperation under direct of GUFE, and going abroad on business tasks for supervision and approval and going abroad on business for transactional work, such as passport, visa.

Under the leadership of party committees and administrative,IECO of GUFE will adhering to the principle of "service, efficiency, responsibility" ,strive to carry out the strategy of internationalization development,and struggle for the educational goal of GUFE.

Staff :

Director:Dr/Ms.Zhang Hong 

Vice Director:Dr/Ms.Wang Xiaohua 

Section Chief:Ms.Mu Dan,Ms.Wang Yi

Section Member:Ms.Feng chen,Ms.Jie Lei,Mr.Shi Xing,Mr.Li Zhiwei.

Contact Information:

Address: International Exchanges and Cooperation Office,Guizhou University of Finance and Economics,University Town,Huaxi District,

Guiyang City,Guizhou Province,China.