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2017-03-19 18:26:48

About Eritrea Confucius Institute

Eritrea Higher Education Council Confucius Institute( Eritrea Confucius  Institute ), a non-profit educational institution, was founded jointly by China Hanban, Guizhou University of Finance and Economics and Eritrea Higher Education Council and formally launched on June 6th , 2013. With the hope of promoting culture exchange and bilateral friendship, members in Eritrea Confucius Institute teach  Chinese and expound Chinese culture.

Now the Institute sets up 3 teaching points in University of Asmara, Massawa University of Marine Science and Technology and -----. Eritrea Confucius  Institute offered 9 Chinese teaching classes, 6 Chinese traditional culture class and one library with a total enrollment of nearly 400 students and over 1000 people ever studied here. Among 7 Chinese teachers, two of them have  Doctor degree and three  Master degree, another two holding  Bachelor degree.   As a major place to read  Chinese books, learn Chinese and know more about Chinese culture, the library provides  students, teachers and Eritrea people almost 2000 books and various videos related to teaching materials and Chinese culture. Meanwhile,  mutual exchange platforms are offered here for many Eritrea students who studied and returned from China.

The main Chinese courses now include Elementary Chinese I and II, Intermediate Chinese  I and II, Elementary and Intermediary Business Chinese,  Introduction to Chinese Culture, Traditional Chinese Culture Class(  Calligraphy, Tai Chi Boxing, Tai Chi Sword, Tai Chi Fan, Changquan and Chinese songs).  The Institute also organizes the Chinese culture lecture, help train Chinese language teachers and  Eritrea students studying in China, offer tutorship for Chinese Language Proficiency Test (HSK ) and hold  preliminary and finals of “Chinese Bridge”in  Eritrea.Many celebrating activities for traditional festivals here such as Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Mid-autumn Festival gain wide popularity  among  Eritrea people, which win higher visibility and recognition to the Confucius Institute after  the reports of Eritrea television station and newspaper.

As a role of bridge through which Eritrea people learn Chinese and get to know China,  Eritrea Higher Education Council Confucius Institute seeks to enrich language teaching and culture -related activities, forming a distinct teaching model.

Address: Eritrea Higher Education Council Room 179, Room 181(University of Asmara)

Tel: 162242