A Visit to Guizhou University of Finance and Economics by Zhong Zhongnan, the President of Chu Hai College of Higher Education

2018-03-30 00:00:00

On march 26, 2018, the President of Chu Hai College of  Higher Education Zhong Zhongnan and Hongkong education and culture delegation visited Guizhou University of Finance and Economics.Secretary of the party committee,Chu Gunagrong, met Zhong Zhongnan and his delegation in room 428 of Lide Building and held a conference. Attendants also include: Chairman of Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers Huang Jinliang, Deputy Chairmen of Hongkong-Guizhou Cultural Exchange Foundation Wu  Zhiliang, Yang Yuqing,  Ji Erchang, and Yang Zitie,  Deputy principal of Chu Hai College of  Higher Education Yu Zhaoxiong and  Deputy principal of GUFE Xu Dayou. Vice President Zhao Pu chaired the ceremony.




Secretary Chu Guangrong expressed his welcome to the delegation for their visit and briefed the development of Guizhou University of Finance and Economics.    Secretary Chu Guangrong said the closer economic and trade communication between Hongkong and Guizhou has fueled the education and culture communication. This visit will greatly build up stronger communication and cooperation in the fields  of education and teaching and talent training , setting solid foundation for broadening cooperation space,  mutual learning and win-win outcome in terms of exchange between two universities. Finally, Secretary Chu delivered a sincere welcome the teachers and students from all-level schools to visit Guizhou University of Finance and Economics.



Mr Zhong Zhongnan expressed his honor to visit here and described a vivid picture of Chu Hai College of  Higher Education: a new campus with long history, a small college with great education principle.


Yu Zhaoxiong, the Deputy principal of Chu Hai College of  Higher Education, made a overall introduction to Chuhai College including history, schools, academic majors, laboratory, venues, campus activities, achievements of students, and the future prospects etc.


Huang Jingliang introduced the program “sister schools” between Hongkong and mainland China. The cooperation between institutions will be significant for both and bring more chances for mutual learning and promotion.


Wu Zhiliang said great importance was  attached to this visit from United Front Department and the Education Department of Guizhou province. He believed that Hongkong-Guizhou Cultural Exchange Foundation would be more helpful in broadcasting Guizhou as the “sister school ”was established between two institutions.



Xu Dayou said that we hoped to promote the opening up in enrolling students, mutual exchange for students and teachers, education and teaching revolution for Guizhou university of Finance and Economics when learning  from Hongkong universities,especially in terms of International education.


This conference ended up in an atmosphere of friendship and cordiality.  Both sides took a picture together in front of Lide Building.


The delegation  visited the  exhibition of  universities history  and library.

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