Zhao Pu:An inspection of Western Michigan Institute/School of International Cooperation

2018-03-16 00:00:00

On March 13th, Vice President Zhao Pu of GUFE inspected Western Michigan Institute(WMI)/School of International Cooperation(SIC) , GUFE, and held a symposium there ,which Chen Bisheng( Party Secretary), Zheng Zhi (Vice secretary),   Huang Wei(Vice secretary), Du Liang (Vice Dean),  and Liang Linhong(Vice Dean), and heads of all departments of the institute attended.


Zhao Pu gave WMI/SIC credit for its work in 2017, hoped the party committee and the administration body would continue their coordination and cooperation to further causes of WMI/SIC for better, and formulated specific deployment of work of WIM/SIC in 2018 as follows:

Firstly, a major role should be played in WMI/SIC by politics. The spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and Xin Jinping’s thoughts about new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics should be thoroughly studied, publicized and implemented, and the party building and ideological and political work in the joint running of institute with foreign universities should be strengthened.

Secondly, more importance should be attached to the top-level design to build WMI/SIC from a high starting point and with stringent specifications. Meanwhile, the campus culture building should be strengthened, and the level of administration and service should be heightened to facilitate the students’ all-around development.

Thirdly, the level of internationalized school running should be enhanced on a continuous basis by training high-level internationalized faculty to improve the teaching quality.

Lastly, the sense of mission and responsibility of the leading body and heads of all departments should be enhanced to ensure the complete fulfillment of their own work.

In the end, Chen Pusheng extended his gratitude to Zhao Pu for his inspection and instruction, and pledged to strengthen the profound quality development in accordance with GUFE’s deployment schedule, keeping to the themes of GUFE in 2018, namely, The Building of Grass-roots Party Organizations and The Improvement of Administration Efficiency as requested by Zhao Pu.

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