Foreign Teachers and Students Management Meeting held at GUFE

2018-03-15 00:00:00

A meeting concerning the management of foreign teachers and students was held in the Meeting Room 322, Lide  Building on the morning of March 12th.  Yang Yong, vice-president of GUFE, alongside heads of related departments and colleges attended the meeting, hosted by Zhang Yuqian, the director of the Department of International Communication and Cooperation.


At the meeting, Yang Yong emphasized the important influence the foreign teachers exerted on university teachers and students. Meanwhile, he also suggested that GUFE make the full use of the foreign teachers and take advantage of the policies in respect of the admission of foreign students in Guizhou Province to expand enrollment of foreign students and heighten their quality on a continuous basis. 

Thereafter, led by Zhang Yuqian, all the staff members at the meeting studied the documents of Regulations on the Employment of Foreign Cultural or Educational Experts and Teachers in Colleges and Universities and Enforcement Regulations on the Management of Foreigners’ Religious Activities in the People’s Republic ofChina. Jiang Youwen, deputy director of the Department of Teaching Affairs made a detailed explanation of the payment, appraisal mechanism, workload assessments etc. for foreign teachers’ and Chinese teachers teaching foreign students.

In the end, the staff at the meeting actively shared their ideas or suggestions as to the management of the foreign teachers and students.

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